Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Date: 06-05-2019

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It tends to go without saying that we love our Mums and it’s often difficult to put into words. With Mother’s Day looming just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show her that you appreciate everything she does for you!


Backrest Charcoal / Navy / Oatmeal


Perfect for Mother’s Day, the Backrest Pillow shows Mum that she deserves to take some time out for herself! Providing medium to firm support and proudly Australian Made, the Backrest Pillow offers extra comfort for late nights watching movies in bed with a cup of tea, or for staying snuggled in bed on weekends reading whilst you bring her breakfast in bed! (Yes, this can be done even when it’s not Mother’s Day). Available in three different colours, Charcoal, Navy and Oatmeal this incredible gift idea is also paired with a soft, micro suede cover..



SLEEP Infusions Range

Our new and exclusive SLEEP INFUSIONS range is designed for the discerning customer looking for a touch of luxury. Boasting three different scents, these pillows are proudly Australian Made and infused with natural essential oil fragrances. Relax Lavender, Breathe and Wellbeing all promote a healthier sleeping environment with all the benefits of natural essential oils, without the need for lighting a burner.




Best known for its sleep inducing effects, fill your Mums room with lavender fragrances using our SLEEP Relax Lavender Pillow! Designed to encourage a calm and relaxing night’s sleep, studies have shown that inhaling lavender oil can help reduce anxiety and low moods.




Mums work incredibly hard every, single day. Often this happens behind the scenes and we as kids occasionally don’t know about it. Help your Mum breathe away daily stresses with our SLEEP Breathe Pillow infused with a eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon blend. This infusion will not only help provide relief from stress and nerves but has the added benefit of keeping airways clear and may even help fight off cold symptoms like a blocked nose, to help Mum start her day happy and energised!




The SLEEP Wellbeing Pillow with its chamomile, citrus and lavender blend is the perfect combination to help Mum relax. The combination works effortlessly to calm nerves, improve moods and create a healthy calm environment!



Wool Underlays


Mother’s Day falls right at the turn of the seasons and as the weather continues

to get cooler, there’s all the more reason for Mum to cozy down and take a well-deserved break. Our warm and soft Wool Underlays are the ultimate upgrade to a mattress and add that extra “plush” layer. All of our underlays are made with Natural Australian Wool pile on one side and a natural cotton filled/cotton cover on the other side. They are reversible, perfect all year round with wool side up for warmth, cotton side up for a cooler sleep.




With not long left now, make sure you show Mum just how much you appreciate her and help her sleep better with Easy Rest, knowing you are getting quality and luxury you can trust!

Make sure to let us know what Mum thinks of her new pillows! Contact us on our socials or leave your review today!

  • Date: 07-05-2019
    Allan Christensen Flower Auction

    Mother's love flowers so much. The pillow with lavender scent will surely be loved by mother's who will receive it on Mother's Day. That is really unique and lovely gift ideas. Kudos to you Easyrest