Summer Sleep Hacks

Date: 09-01-2020

Summer Sleep Hacks

Just like that we’re already a week into the New Year! Whether you’re already kicking your New Year’s goals or having a bit of trouble kick-starting them, never underestimate the value of sleep! Though, with the hot summer nights making it more and more difficult to sleep through the night, we have put together some of our favourite “sleep hacks” to keep cool and make the most of your 8 hours.

  1. It’s all about airflow…

The temperature is generally hotter during the day so make sure to leave your windows and blinds closed whilst the sun is at its highest. Later on when the temperature begins to drop, open your windows and let the air circulate, a fan couldn’t hurt either.

  1. Keep your skin cool…

Keeping your skin cool is about more than just letting in the air from outside. Make sure you’re sleeping in loose, natural fibres. Our entire body also tends to cool down more rapidly when our hands and feet aren’t trapped under the quilt or sheet and don’t forget water is a great cooling agent. Whether it’s a big glass of ice water before bed, a cool shower during the night when the heat becomes unbearable, also keeping a damp cloth next to the bed can never go awry.

  1. Add some greenery & relaxation…

With windows and blinds closed during the day, adding a variety of indoor plants will improve the air quality significantly, introducing more oxygen and fostering a healthy sleep environment. You can also breathe relaxation with our SLEEP Infusions range. Boasting three different scents, these pillows are proudly Australian Made and infused with natural essential oil fragrances. Relax Lavender, Breathe and Wellbeing each promoting a healthier sleeping environment with all the benefits of natural essential oils, without the need for lighting a burner.

  1. Achieve Sleep Success…

Here at Easy Rest Pillows we pride ourselves on understanding just how valuable a good night’s sleep is to our customers. That’s why our luxury quilts come in different warmth ratings. After independent testing for warmth and breathability, we recommend our Luxury Australian 100% Wool – 300gsm Quilt. Australian Made, single stitched and then hand-filled with pure, breathable Australian wool offering loft and comfort. The wool will naturally regulate your body’s temperature to keep you comfortable throughout the night all year round and especially in the warmer months.


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