Mother's Day Gift Guide

Date: 19-04-2021


The 9th of May is fast approaching which means we’re quickly running out of time to find that special present for Mother’s Day. Take the opportunity to pamper Mum, no matter how many times you are told “Oh you shouldn’t have” or “You don’t need to buy me anything”.

To help take some of the pressure off, we have put together our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2021. We know that gifts are just one way of showing just how much we appreciate and love them, so we have also put together a list of other ways to spoil Mum this year.  

Australian Made Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

1. Back Rest Pillows Navy / Oatmeal / Charcoal / Faux Fur

Our Australian Made Back Rest Pillows are the ideal gift for Mum this year. They are perfect for when she needs extra back support on the couch or for reading in bed. When Mum is working hard from home and using her laptop or tablet in bed these back rests provide medium to firm support so she can work from anywhere and be comfortable. They’re especially comfortable when sitting up and enjoying her Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. The super soft micro suede cover back rests are available in 3 colours; Charcoal, Navy and Oatmeal, or you can opt for a touch of luxury with our soft and silky Faux Fur Back Rest.

If you’re still not convinced that this is a great gift idea, have a look at what our happy customer Tanya had to say;

“I’m so in love with my new Easy Rest Back Rest! I have lower back pain and it’s been wonderful to have some relief and support while I sit up in bed and on my sofa. I often stay up late to finish my projects on my devices and don’t wake up sore from bad posture. I love the height of the armrests too! The back support is fantastic and it’s so plush and comfortable. I chose the Oatmeal and it looks stunning with my neutral colour scheme and the fabric is so luxurious and soft. I’m so pleased with the quality and can’t recommend this product enough!”

2. Sleep Infusions Natural Essential Oil Fragrance Pillows

Boasting three different scents, these pillows are proudly Australian Made and infused with natural essential oil fragrances. Relax Lavender, Breathe and Wellbeing all promote a healthier sleeping environment with all the benefits of natural essential oils, without the need for lighting a burner.

Best known for its sleep inducing effects, fill your Mums room with lavender fragrances using our SLEEP Relax Lavender Pillow! Designed to encourage a calm and relaxing night’s sleep, studies have shown that inhaling lavender oil can help reduce anxiety and low moods.

Mums work incredibly hard every, single day. Often this happens behind the scenes and we as kids occasionally don’t know about it. Help your Mum breathe away daily stresses with our SLEEP Breathe Pillow infused with a eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon blend. This infusion will not only help provide relief from stress and nerves but has the added benefit of keeping airways clear and may even help fight off cold symptoms like a blocked nose, to help Mum start her day happy and energised!

The SLEEP Wellbeing Pillow with its camomile, citrus and lavender blend is the perfect combination to help Mum relax. The combination works effortlessly to calm nerves, improve moods and create a healthy calm environment!

3. Luxury Lavender Wool Blend Pillow In Fabric Bag

This pillow offers Mum both a supportive and peaceful night’s sleep. Similar to our Sleep Infusions Relax pillow, you cannot go wrong with giving Mum the calming and relaxing properties of Lavender essential oils. The natural support, breathability and temperature balancing qualities of Pure New Australian Wool is combined with the long life and resilience of Hollow Polyester for added support of the neck and head. These proudly Australian Made pillows also now come in a cotton reusable bag, making them more sustainable and better for the environment.

Other ways to Spoil Mum this year…

We reached out to some of the Mums and Mums-to-be in our lives and asked what their favourite part of Mother’s Day is (or will be). This is what they had to say;

  1. Sleeping In! – Your first instinct might be to wake Mum up with a big “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” but a sleep in on this one special day a year is so well deserved and often underrated.
  2. Breakfast in Bed – a great way to keep busy whilst Mum gets a much needed rest, get creative with your Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Make sure to include her favourites but add some colour and freshness with some fruit, maybe add something a little bit sweet and why not squeeze some fresh Orange Juice to go with her morning Coffee.
  3. Take (most of) the parenting responsibilities off her – this could be as simple as cooking dinner for everyone or running her a bath at the end of the day (when it’s usually the other way around). We’re all for co-parenting but if there was ever a time for Mum to take a break and have someone else do ALL the tidy up, dressing & changing of toddlers, Mother’s Day is that day.
  4. Presents – we’d be lying to you if we didn’t put this one in, even though they always say they don’t need anything. A small token of your appreciation can go a long way.
  5. Quality Time – this was the big one for all of them. Spending time together as a family regardless of what you’re doing. Going to the football, enjoying breakfast or coffee together, getting out for a walk, even doing normal things like local sport. Having everyone together is hands down the most important thing and it seems especially important the older the children get.

Australian Made Campaign Mother’s Day Competition

Don’t miss out on your chance to enter our Australian Made Campaign Competition to WIN a Faux Fur Back Rest with a Luxury Wool Blend Lavender Pillow – the perfect gift for Mum valued at $164.90. The Australian Made Campaign have made it easier than ever to know that you’re supporting local, Australian Made & Australian Owned businesses.  Simply login or create an account at, head to the competitions page and answer a question to be in the running to win this perfect gift set just in time for Mother’s Day.


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