Is a Talalay latex pillow the right one for you?

Date: 30-Oct-2018


Buying a new pillow can be a confusing choice with so many different fibres and fill available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a basic polyester pillow to the highest quality goose down the choices are endless.  Choosing the right pillow can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a poor night’s sleep.


Have you ever considered a Latex pillow?


Latex pillows are made of soft foam that is usually produced from the sap of rubber trees.  Talalay Latex is a superior latex process and can be 3 times more breathable and 4 times more durable than non Talalay products.  

Latex pillows are a firmer feeling pillow that maintain shape over time offering an extended pillow life.  Latex also offers exceptional support to the head and neck and naturally repels dust mites, making it a healthier choice for allergy sufferers.


Whether you are a tummy, side or back sleeper Latex pillows come in different height varieties as well as standard profiles or contour shapes to suit all styles of sleepers.


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