Easy Rest Pillows Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement


To achieve the company objectives and satisfy the customer expectations we will establish and maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with applicable elements of ISO 9001 Standard.


We will maintain third party certification by continually complying with applicable requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard. The Quality Management System, with its supporting processes, shall be implemented and maintained to ensure the delivery of quality products and services to our customers.


Our commitment to providing quality products and services will be frequently put to the test through management reviews where we will measure our performance against business objectives and our customers’ expectations.


We will use the Quality Management System to facilitate the achievement of continuous improvement in the provision of quality products to our customers. We are committed to customer service excellence and we will resolve any complaints or concerns through our Corrective Action process.


It is essential that everyone involved in the provision of services to our customers, including supporting functions comply with the policies and procedures incorporated in our Quality Management System.