HealthGuard® a totally new approach...

HealthGuard® is a new generation anti-microbial and anti-dust mite treatment developed in Australia by Dr Christopher Harvey

HealthGuard® attacks mite population in two ways:
- By acting as a contact repellent that forces mites to move away from treated areas;
- By inhibiting the growth of natural food sources such as yeast, moulds and bacteria.

HealthGuard® is scientifically proven to eliminate dustmites, mould, mosquitoes and a broad spectrum of bacteria including MRSA A129 strain of Staphylococcus aureus (Golden Staph)

HealthGuard® destroys and inhibits both: gram positive bacteria & gram negative bacteria


Key benefits

• HealthGuard® helps protects against mosqitos, bacteria, dustmites, bedbugs & moulds

• HealthGuard® is odourless

• HealthGuard® is safe to use and is not an irritant or sensitizing.

• HealthGuard® is biodegradable

• HealthGuard® has high wash fastness and UV stability


All HG treated Easy Rest products have the HealthGuard logo and statement on the product.







“HealthGuard” is a registered trademark of HealthGuard Corporation Pty Ltd. of Australia.”