Have you ever considered which pillow is right for you?

Date: 12-02-2019

Do the pillows on your bed take up more room than you do? Do you find that you’re a restless sleeper, constantly waking up and adjusting for comfort? Do you wake up with headaches or neck pain?

If you answered yes to any or all the above, you probably need to look at what you’re sleeping on! You would never wear the wrong size jeans or an uncomfortable pair of shoes for 8 hours, so take a moment to consider why you would settle for the wrong pillow.

It is, without a doubt, imperative to consider your sleeping position – whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or tummy sleeper. Although, you cannot look at this in isolation. Body size, pillow support, existing injuries, budget and quality are all personal considerations and are just as vital.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the myth that soft equals comfort. Comfort is subjective, remember that what your partner finds comfortable, you probably won’t. Most importantly comfort comes down to the level of support required.


Side Sleepers

Whilst we know everyone moves around during the night, this is the most common sleeping position. Often less considered is the profile of the pillow and your body size and frame which impacts your sleep just as much!

Medium to firm pillows offer the most support during the night and the larger the body frame, the higher/firmer your pillow should be.

Generally, the best pillow fills to choose from are; ball fibre, microblend, dual support, memory foam and latex. Our recommendation is our Australian Made “Sleep Dual Support Firm Pillow”. The inner foam core & fibre fill combination provides a firm feel that lasts, whilst also offering a touch of luxury.

Back Sleepers

It’s common for back sleepers to develop neck pain or discomfort with the wrong type of pillow. This is because both your head and neck need to be supported. Once again consider your body type and size. With wider and heavier shoulders comes more opportunity for a lopsided pillow and a sore neck, so look at firmer, high profile pillows. Whilst medium sized adults should, funnily enough, find medium pillows suitable and comfortable. For smaller frames you may find duck down and feather or microfibre/microblend most comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

Our Easy Rest Ball Fibre Back Sleeperis our recommendation. It’s right there in the name! The ball fibre will mould to the contour of your head and neck, offering optimal support. This machine washable and tumble dry pillow is designed for easy care to get the most out of your pillow.

Tummy Sleepers or Small Framed / Child Sleepers

It is never recommended to sleep on your stomach due to the extra stress it places on your neck, but it’s not generally a choice we make! Our branded “Tummy Sleepers” are filled with either ball fibre or microblend but really any soft, low profile pillow is suitable. Much like our smaller framed back sleepers, duck down and feather filled pillows suit those of you who prefer that “ploosh” squashable feel.

The soft, low profile pillow stops your neck from overarching, keeping you as flat as possible and helps to prevent spine discomfort and morning headaches. As you can probably guess, latex and memory foam fillings are not suitable for tummy sleepers. Check out our Microblend Tummy Sleeperpillow which has a down-like feel, creating a soft, comfortable sleep.

For children and smaller framed adults who sleep on their back or side a lower profile pillow is also recommended. The “Kids Pillow Soft and Low” could be the perfect option.

Hot / Sweaty Sleepers

Pillow fillings and shells have varying levels of breathability and odour prevention. Particularly during these hot summer months, you may want to look into a wool-blend pillow. Offering a medium to firm support this pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers, who run a little bit warm during the night. The natural Australian Downs Wool is blended with polyester for added support and the natural wool properties help to regulate temperature, increase airflow and give you a bit of extra loft!


At Easy Rest, we pride ourselves on understanding just how valuable a good night’s sleep is to our customers. We have developed our very own, very simple guide to choosing the perfect bedding, so you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep. (choosing the right bedding) Changing your pillow (or pillows) is always going to feel a little bit weird at first, so make sure you give your new pillow a few weeks to get used to it. If you follow our simple hacks to choosing, you will get a better night’s sleep!

We know price is important to everyone, so always buy the best pillow you can afford and be sure not to sacrifice quality for quantity. If you have the right pillow, one should be enough! At Easy Rest, our fibre filled pillows are exclusively designed and expertly crafted right here in Australia, so we pride ourselves on quality.

Don’t forget that it’s recommended to replace your pillows every 12 months for optimum fibre performance. Although, all our Easy Rest pillows will last a lot longer than this especially if you’re using pillow protectors and following the care instructions specific to each pillow.


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