Building Your Bed – Comfort, Layers and Texture

Date: 18-03-2019

We’ve all got guilty pleasure home improvement shows, whether it’s The Block, Fixer Upper, Selling Houses, there is no end to where we get inspiration from. Inspiration we use to try to fix that oh-so-neglected guest bedroom and to upgrade where we ourselves sleep. The linen and bedding markets are so much more expansive than we tend to realise and it’s far too easy to get confused and frustrated. How often do your design ideas go exactly to plan? When they are successful does it end up being comfortable?

Picking colours, patterns and decorations is no doubt important (and fun!) but choosing the right layers for your bed is a very important first step to creating the perfect sanctuary! Assuming you’ve got your bed frame and mattress ready to go, here are a few of our top suggestions to help you get started;

* Mattress Protector

We know that mattresses are not cheap or easy to replace and strongly recommend considering a mattress protector. Not only do our luxury percale cotton protectors extend the life of your mattress, they also provide a soft and hypoallergenic base to your bed!

* Underlay

Looking for the ultimate upgrade to your mattress? Underlays are the perfect substitute for a new mattress with that extra “plush” layer. All our underlays are made with all-Natural Australian Wool pile on one side and a natural cotton filled/cotton cover on the other side. They are reversible, perfect all year round with wool side up for warmth, cotton side up for a cooler sleep.

* Pillows

Need help choosing the perfect pillow for your sleep style?? Check out last months blog to ensure you get the sleep you deserve! Now, to find the right pillow-to-bed ratio. This is obviously up to personal preference and completely depends on whether you are going for a casual or formal look in the room. Our preferred everyday go-to look is all about layers and depth! For a queen size bed use two European Pillows giving height and adding a bit of drama. Of course, this is to be paired with two standard pillows which match your sleep style and profile. A smaller bed needs half the pillows or for a king bed try adding 2 King pillows to fill the width of the bed without leaving gaps at the side. See what we mean about the ratio? For a more casual look, try just 3 standard pillows positioned with little to no structure.

* Cushions / Accent Pillows

We know, we know! Surely this means we’re up to the pattern and colour section? BUT no, we are still more interested in what’s going on inside. Check out our range of feather and polyester cushion inserts available in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got square, rectangle, round, boxed and bolster, you could pick any combination of these and we are sure that you’ll get the perfect layered look!

* Quilt

If you’re a hot or cold sleeper, whether you like polyester, wool or down, the one thing we will always recommend is buying one size bigger. Hence, if you have a queen bed buy a king quilt, if you have a double bed buy a queen quilt and so on. It is not only recommended for comfort but also in terms of style! This way, all the parts of your bed that you DON’T want to be seen are covered by a beautiful quilt, giving you that extra touch of luxury! Try tucking the bottom corners of your quilt in under your mattress for a fuller, textured look!

Now you’ve got the building blocks needed to create the most layered and comfortable look possible, which can be easily adapted to any style or colour scheme! Get the comfort right first, then the look! That way you won’t need to replace everything when you decide a queen size quilt is no longer big enough on your queen size bed!

We’d love to hear from you! Is there something you would like to know more about? Or do you have any general comments? Please leave comments here, on our Instagram or Facebook to let us know. Here at Easy Rest we know how important it is to get a good nights’ sleep and can’t wait to give you more tips and tricks on how to achieve it!