Choosing the Perfect Quilt

Date: 06-05-2022

Choosing the Perfect Quilt.

We’ve previously talked about the importance of finding the right pillow for your sleep style and profile. We’ve given you our insider tips on getting the layers on your bed looking and feeling just right!  Now let us help you choose the perfect quilt to keep your sleep uninterrupted and help to protect you against the coming Winter months. 

As usual with choosing any aspect of bedding, there is more than one thing that you need to consider. What size quilt do you need? Who is the quilt for? Do you have allergies to think about? Are you a hot or cold sleeper and have you thought-out whether your partner runs at the same temperature as you? Do you like feeling the weight of your quilt on top of you, or do you prefer something light?

Let us break it down for you.

Quilt Size.

If you read our blog from last month on Texture and Layering, you will have seen our recommendation to buy a quilt one size larger than your bed. This is not only for comfort but also design and style because when your bed is made, the quilt will drape down the sides creating better aesthetic appeal.

Remember that there are definite practicality reasons to this recommendation as well, especially if you have a partner who likes to steal the covers! Generally though, this comes down to personal preferences and you may want to look into measuring the height of your mattress and bed frame first to make sure it drapes as long or short as you want it too.

Who For?

Is the quilt you are looking at buying for yourself, another adult or a child? Whilst it may seem trivial, this consideration is more pointed at the care instructions and washability of a product. Less important for adults perhaps but younger children tend to come with more spills and messes to clean up after! The easier it is to look after, the better! If you’re not sure what’s good for kids, check out our ER Wool 100% Quilt 300gsm Single, they are not only dry-cleanable but also the most environmental and natural…not to mention temperature regulating so perfect for kids!!

It is really important to look at the specific care instructions for the product you are purchasing. Realistically, not many of us have a commercial washer / dryer that can take the size of a quilt without possibly damaging the machine. Making sure that it can be dry cleaned is a great way of avoiding the need for a brand-new quilt each time a small mess is made. Remember, what suits one quilt type won’t necessarily suit another. One thing we will always recommend is to regularly shake out and air your quilt, which retains not only freshness but also even distribution of the filling.



If you start your day out with a hot cup of coffee, you’ll know that some things don’t need to change even when the weather does! Without a doubt though, seasonality affects the quality and ease of sleeping and that’s why all our Easy Rest luxury quilts have been independently tested for warmth and breathability.

Depending on whether it’s Summer or Winter, whether you are a hot or cold sleeper, all of our quilts come with different warmth ratings to help guide your choice.



Luxury Australian Wool Blend Quilt – this is THE warmest Australian Made quilt available! Single machine stitched and hand filled right here in Australia to ensure the insulating layer of Wool Blend is not crushed and flattened during manufacture. The quilt has superior loft, warmth and breathability from the combination of Natural Australian Wool and Premium Polyester.



Luxury Australian 100% Wool 500GSM Quilt This quilts pure Australian Wool naturally regulates body temperature to keep you comfortable all year round. Whilst offering amazing warmth, it is also fire retardant and hypoallergenic. Proudly Australian Made, single stitched and hand-filled, this quilt offers exceptional loft and comfort.



Luxury Hi Loft Quilt- This is our unrivalled staff favourite! The soft cotton japara cover is generously filled with premium quality fibrefill, creating a superbly weighted and beautifully warm quilt. Proudly Australian Made it is single machine stitched and hand filled right here in Melbourne.



Medium - Light

Luxury Australian 100% Wool 300GSM Quilt – Wool naturally regulates your body temperature to keep you comfortable all year-round whilst also offering warmth in the cooler months! Wool is naturally fire retardant and hypoallergenic. Proudly Australian Made, single stitched and then hand filled this quilt is breathable, lofty and comfortable!


The last thing to remember is that no two people sleep the same way. As with choosing your perfect pillow, the right quilt for you is not necessarily the right quilt for your partner! If you’re a hot sleeper and they are cold sleeper you will probably find that your quilt gets stolen during the night. Use our warmth guide to try to find a middle ground and remember, one size up means more quilt surface to share.


Weight, Loft & Stitching.

Quilts are measured in GSM and whilst you may have seen the term before you might not know exactly what it means. It stands for grams per square metre and indicates how heavy or light weight a quilt feels. The higher the GSM, the heavier the quilt will feel! It’s important to recognise the difference between weight and warmth and be careful not to automatically assume that all Winter quilts will be heavy and that all Summer quilts will be light. Be sure to check both to make sure you find the perfect fit for you.

Loft on the other hand refers to the amount of filling inside your quilt and doesn’t necessarily refer to weight or warmth. This is another consideration for both comfort and aesthetics, referring to how high or low a quilt sits on your bed. If you love fluffy luxury like us, we just can’t go past the ER Luxury Hi Loft Quilt. There’s a reason it’s been our number one Staff Pick for such a long-time! 

With the Easy Rest custom stitching design Easy Rest quilts are expertly designed and crafted for even warmth distribution. You won’t have to worry about the filling moving to one end or into the corners taking the warmth with it! Regularly shaking out your quilt will also reinforce this.



Once again, we know price is important to everyone and it’s not always viable to have both a Summer quilt and a Winter quilt. With our easy to follow warmth guide and individual warmth ratings on our quilts, it is easy to find one that’s in the middle. Wool is always a great choice. Not only are our Luxury Australian 100% Wool Quilts proudly Australian Made, the Natural Wool is also incredibly breathable and most importantly temperature regulating! Remember to always buy the best quilt you can afford and be sure not to sacrifice quality for quantity.


Breaking it all down into these categories simplifies and methodises the process of investing in and choosing the perfect quilt! Find yours today and sleep better with Easy Rest knowing you are receiving quality and luxury you can trust.


We’d love to hear from you! Make sure you get in contact with any questions OR suggestions for future blogs. Here at Easy Rest we know how important it is to get a good nights’ sleep and can’t wait to give you more tips and tricks on how to achieve it!