5 Quick and Easy Steps to Refresh Your Bedroom

Date: 22-10-2020

5 Quick and Easy Steps to Refresh Your Bedroom

With only 40 days left of Spring, now is the perfect time to refresh your bedroom.  Almost a third of our time is spent in our bedrooms reading, relaxing, watching TV and of course sleeping. In lockdown, especially here in Victoria, we have absolutely no doubt that even MORE of your time has been spent here. It’s so important to ensure your bedroom and bed in particular are conducive to sleep and refreshing your bedding is a great way to start. Consider it part of your Spring clean!

Step 1 – Tidy & Declutter

Pick up and put away your clothes & clean out your wardrobe! This step seems pretty straight forward but having a clean and organised bedroom instantly makes it feel more relaxing. Now is the perfect time to de-clutter, sell and/or donate your unwanted clothes.

Step 2 - Add some greenery.

We’re sure you’ve seen us suggest this (more than once) in other blogs and on our Instagram but we cannot recommend it enough. Fresh flowers and potted greenery do so much more than just add colour and life to your bedroom. Indoor plants also help introduce more oxygen and reduce bedroom temperatures which both foster a healthier, happier sleep environment.

Step 3 - Change your sheets, quilt covers & pillow cases.      

This statement should be taken for both of its meanings. There is no better feeling than crawling into bed and getting cosy under fresh sheets and though it can be a somewhat tedious process, it’s not something you should put off. It’s recommended by most, to change your sheets and pillow cases once a week or once a fortnight at a minimum. The other benefit of regularly washing and changing your sheets is being able to swap over your quilt covers. It’s a great idea to have at least one neutral quilt set and one colourful / print set. That way you get a mini room refresh every time you change your sheets. We love light, bright and fun colours in the warmer months and darker, neutral colours as the weather gets cooler again. A fun way to change the theme of your room regularly is to match it with the colour of the Seasons.

Step 4 - Accent and accessory colours.

If you’re someone who loves their neutral base, or already has multiple neutral quilt sets then maybe it’s time to update or change out the accessories and accent colours in your bedroom. Restyle your room by simply changing cushion covers (which you can store and reuse when you’re ready to change again). Adding a colourful throw, occasionally changing artworks and adding a rug OR removing one can instantly change the feeling of your bedroom. Using scented candles, having fresh flowers or infusing your room with relaxing scents can also be sleep inducing. Make sure to check out our range of Australian Made SLEEP Infusions Pillows to create the healthy sleep environment you have always wanted. All three scents fill the room with natural essential oil fragrances, without the need for a burner!

  • RELAX – Infused with natural lavender essential oil fragrances, promoting a calm and relaxing nights sleep.
  • BREATHE – infused with a blend of natural eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon essential oil fragrances to help provide relief from stress and nerves.
  • WELLBEING - infused with a blend of chamomile, citrus and lavender natural essential oil fragrances. It works effortlessly to calm nerves, improve moods and relax you.


Step 5 – Invest in and change your bedding.

Yes, we have left this one to last but that by no means, makes it less important. Making sure your pillows, quilt and mattress is as comfortable as they can be, is essential to any bedroom refresh. Replacing or finding the right bedding could be the difference you need in order to achieve a great nights’ sleep. One where you awake feeling energised and rested. Remember that brand new pillows and mattresses might feel a little bit strange to begin with, give them a good chance before deciding it’s ultimately the right or wrong fit for you. Each of these things are well worth the proper investment to make sure your bed is both comfortable and supportive.

We have already written blogs on choosing the perfect quilt and knowing which pillow is right for you so be sure to check those out for more detail. Though, as a reminder;


There are so many things to consider when choosing the right pillow for you – sleeping position, body size, pillow support, injuries and budget are all extremely important and personal considerations. Don’t forget that everyone is different and what gives you the most restful sleep, likely won’t do the same for your partner, friends or children!

Once you know which pillow type suits you personally, it’s important to change / replace them to ensure ongoing comfort and support. Whilst it’s recommended to replace your pillows every 12 months for optimum support and fibre performance, we recognise this isn’t always possible. All of our Easy Rest pillows will last a lot longer than this, especially if you’re using pillow protectors and following specific care instructions.


Temperature regulation is one of the most vital things you need to guarantee a good sleep, so having the right quilt couldn’t be more imperative. In many cases, if your quilt doesn’t feel warm enough or if the filling is bunching in the corners, it’s probably time to buy a new quilt. Before you do though, make sure to look at the quality of the bedding you’re buying.  All of our Easy Rest Quilts are expertly designed and crafted for even warmth distribution and quality bedding means you shouldn’t be worrying about the filling moving to one end or into the corners. Of course, shaking out and airing your quilt regularly, will help with freshness and also reinforce even weight and warmth distribution.

Many people opt to have one warmer / loftier quilt for the cooler months of the year, as well as a lightweight one in Summer. We understand that this isn’t something everyone can do or even needs to do and for this reason we recommend choosing from our range of Australian Made Natural Wool Quilts. The wool is breathable and temperature regulating and should suit most people all year round.


Your mattress should last you many, many years though still needs to be replaced after eight years OR when it becomes lumpy and uncomfortable. If you’re not quite ready to replace the whole thing, consider purchasing a Reversible Wool Underlay to help prolong your mattress life just that little bit longer. Our 600GSM Australian Wool Underlays offer the ultimate in upgrades to your mattress. With plush natural wool on one side and cool cotton japara on the other for warmer weather.

*Please note this product is one of the few products in the Easy Rest range that is imported not made locally in Australia. Made in China using Australian Wool

At Easy Rest, we pride ourselves on understanding just how valuable a good night’s sleep is to our customers. We have developed our very own, very simple guide to choosing the perfect bedding, so you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.


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